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About Us

NRG Plastic Manufacturing began operations in the winter of 2011. Starting with just six machines and a small team of dedicated specialists and operators we began servicing and supplying industries in the UAE with a firm commitment to quality and consistency.

We hold one strong core belief and this is one of developing deep bonds of trust and of maintaining a amicable approachable open channel of communication with our customers. In our endeavour to achieve this the Directors of the company have from day one been at forefront of business development and follow up with all customers regardless of segment or scale.

Through this attitude of open and transparent marketing, business/product development and customer service follow up we grew into servicing three major yet unique segments of industry in the UAE.


Our initial sector of customers were from the lubricant field. Specializing in oil, grease, petroleum and other associated products for motor & vehicle industry. With over a dozen major companies being served we have shipped tens of millions of cans to industry leaders such as Gulf Oil, ENOC, MAG Lubricants, Atlantic Lubricants, AXCL Lubricants, Magnum/Millennium Lubricants, Citrol Lubricants, Gulf Petrochem and Universal Oil among many others.


Over time our promise of reliability and commitment to quality has made us the partner of choice for chemical companies too. Providing packaging solutions for this field has led us to develop and supply everything from packaging for hotel/industrial cleaning liquids, to specialized custom made wood glue/adhesive cases, to special specification hazardous hydrochloric acids containers. In this process we have supplied our cans to Falcon Chemicals, Union Chemicals, Al Medhar and Panorama.


NRG Plastic Manufacturing has also been a regular and reliable supplier to FMCG & Pharma industries. Supplying a wide variety of plastic products such as containers and closures to both sectors for companies such as Dabur, Zahir Industries, and Medpharma.

Furthermore specialized products such as douches and applicators nozzles have been also developed and supplied to Medpharma and Valeant Pharmaceuticals.


Through this journey of growth and service NRG Plastic Manufacturing has grown from its initial six machines to over four times that number now catering from 100ml bottles to up to 30 litre pails and their closures. In order to meet the needs of the various ranges and brand/product brand lines of our various valued customers NRG Plastic Manufacturing has expanded its injection moulding capacity along with its blow moulding capacity.

This is done in order to keep pace with various trends and preferences of vendors to utilize and display ever more colourful and creative closures in order to complement their ranges of containers and make them stand out above and beyond the competition in the marketplace.

Our injection machines vary in size from micro-jet 50 tons output to up to jumbo 500 tons large multi cavity behemoths. This varied array of machine sizes allow us to cater to all customers and brands as per their products specific needs. Overall NRG Plastic Manufacturing LLC has developed and operates over 100 corporate & non-corporate moulds.